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PE Polyethylene

Polyethylene (PE)

The name polyethylene comes from the ingredient and not the resulting chemical compound, which contains no double bonds. Polyethylene is majorly used for the manufacturing of carry bags, shopping bags & pouches, blown films, Food packaging materials, Industrial packaging etc.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

High Density, (0.95-0.965 g/cm3) Polyethylene, has higher temperature resistance, stiffness, and superior water vapor barrier properties when compared to LLDPE. HDPE has a low degree of branching, hence stronger intermolecular forces and tensile strength.

There are four major end-uses of HDPE. Molding applications (injection and blow) account for almost 50% of world wide demand, while film and sheet applications represent 25%.

HDPE is highly preferred as a sheathing material where it provides high resistance to water penetration. It is very hard, has low coefficient of friction, and is abrasion resistant. Hence, it is used in products and packaging such as milk jugs, detergent bottles, margarine tubs, garbage containers and water pipes.

High Blown Film Grade

Reliance F46003


High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) , Blow Moulding

Blow molding is a specific manufacturing process by which hollow plastic parts are formed and can be joined together. It is also used for forming glass bottles or other hollow shapes.
In general, there are three main types of blow molding: extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, and injection stretch blow molding.

HDPE Large Blow Moulding

Typical applications include: • Jerrycans • Open top drums • 220L L-ring drums (55 gallon drums)

Marlex TR571

Qapco TR571


Medium Blow Moulding (MBM)

MBM HDPE is recommended for following applications: ¸ Large Containers (up to 100L) for transport & storage of Chemicals, Detergent, Lube Oil etc


Haldia B5500

IOCL 003DB52

Marlex HXM 50100P

Reliance 52GB002

Reliance 52GB003


Small Blow Moulding (General Purpose Blow Moulding)

GPBM is recommended for following applications: ¸ Bottles & containers up to 5 L ¸ Packaging of Pesticides & Surfactants ¸ Bottles for Shampoo and Cosmetics


Haldia B6401

IOCL 012DB54

Marlex 5502BN

Opal B5004

Opal B6003

Reliance 54GB012

Reliance B60003

Sabic B1054


HM Film

HDPE filmis recommended for following applications:  Tissue-like films ¸ Garment/Grocery/merchandise bags ¸ Disposal waste bags ¸ Shopping/Counter bags

Borouge FB1460

Borouge FB1520

Haldia F5400

IOCL 002DF50

IOCL 003DF49

Lotrene TR144

Marlex TR144

Opal F52H04

SCG H5604F


HDPE injection Moulding :

Typical application includes : For toys and housewares • Good low temperature impact strength, gloss and excellent toughness • Complies with U.S. FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 (c) 3.2a. Consult the regulations for complete details.It has a narrow molecular weight distribution copolymer designed to offer low temperature impact strength and loss with excellent toughness. This resin has good processability over a wide range of molding conditions.


Dow 17450N


Haldia M5018L

IOCL 180M50

Opal M5220

Reliance HD50MA180

HDPE Crates

Dow 08454N

Dow KT10000UE

IOCL 080M60U

Reliance M60075


HDPE Raffia

Gail W50A009

Gail Y50A010U

Haldia T6

Haldia T9

Iocl 010E52

Opal R5410

Reliance E52009

Reliance HD53EA010

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

This product has been designed with an optimum balance of melt strength and drawability to give excellent performance in cast film, foam, blown film and bubble film extrusion. When properly fabricated, the product displays: excellent processability low neck-down (cast film) very good toughness and impact properties and good tear strength. In foam extrusion, This product gives an ideal balance between cell growth and stabilization to allow the production of very low density products without voids. Main Characteristics: - Cast film - Foam - Bubble film - General purpose blown film. Slip Additive: None Antiblock Additive: None

Non Slip

Basell 2421H

Borouge FT6230

Dow 450E

Qapco FD0270

Reliance J1020FA20

Sabic HP2023N

Sasol LFI2119

Sipchem 2023


Borouge FT6236

Dow 352E

Marpol 720-SB

Marpol 724-SBV


LDPE General Purpose (LDPE 4MFI slip)

These are blown film grades and can be extruded with considerable ease. LDPE GP has been blended with necessary additives during manufacture to obtain good surface slipand easy open-ability betweentwo layers of the film


Basell 2427K

Borouge FT7236

Dow 582E

Qapco FD0474

Reliance 24FS040

Reliance J24FS040

Tasnee 4025AS


LDPE Heavy Duty

A low density polyethylene resin that can be extruded using conventional blown film equipment that exhibits balance of processability and mechanical properties.


  • Heavy duty shipping sacks
  • Collation shrink films
  • Agricultural films


  • Excellent bubble stability
  • Good processability
  • Shrinkage


Basell 2420D

Dow 150E

Laleh L2100TN00

Marpol 700-B

PTT 2420D

Qapco FB3003

Qapco FE3000

Reliance 22FA002

Sasol LF2103


Injection Moulding

Dow 780E

Qapco MG70

Reliance 16MA400

Sabic HP20023



Aramco E1970

Bamberger 1057EC

Dow 722

Hanwha 955

LG LB7000

Marpol 770

Reliance 1070LA17


Titan 801YY


Milk Pouch

Non Slip

Borouge FT5230

Dow 310E

Qapco FE8000


Basell 2426F

Basell 2427F

Borouge FT5236

DOW 312E

PTT 2426F

Qapco FB5026

Reliance 1005FY20

Reliance J1005FY20

Sabic HP0823J

Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)


Non Slip

Dow 1211P

IOCL 010F18A

Opal F2001A

Qapco Q1018N

Reliance 20FA010

Reliance F18010

Reliance JF18010

Sabic 118N


Dow 1210P


IOCL 010F18S

Opal F2001S

Qapco Q1018H

Reliance 20FS010

Reliance F19010

Reliance JF19010

Sabic 118W



Non Slip

Dow 1221P

Exxon Mobil 1002YB

Opal F2002A

Qapco Q2018N

Reliance 20FA020

Reliance F18020

Reliance JF18020

Sabic 218N


Dow 1220P

Opal F2002S

Qapco Q2018H

Reliance 20FS020

Reliance F22020

Reliance JF19020

Sabic 218W


Extrusion coating, tarpolene

Haldia 72307E

IOCL 065E24A

Opal E2507

Reliance E24065

Reliance X24065


Injection Moulding, Master Batch 20MFI

Opal M2525

Reliance M24200

Sabic M200024


Injection Moulding, Master Batch 30MFI

Reliance M24300


Injection Moulding, Master Batch 50MFI


IOCL 500M24A

Opal M2550

Reliance M26500

Sabic M500026


Metallocene (mLLDPE)

Non Slip

Borouge Anteo FK1820

Dow 5400G

Exxon Mobil 1018MA

Evolue SP1510



Borouge Anteo FK1828

Dow 5401G

Exxon Mobil 1018MK

Evolue SP1510HA




Dow 2045.11G

Reliance O19010



GAIL R35A042

IOCL 042R35A

Opal T3804

Opal T3804U

Reliance LL36RA045


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