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AVH Polychem is promoted by a team of highly qualified and experienced chemical engineers & a group of professionals, having more than 10 years of experience in the field of chemical engineering & polymers trading business.


Bipin S. Gandhi (Director)

Educational Qualification – M.Sc. in Chemistry), studied LPRI, UK (Diploma of Plastic and Rubber Institute, London)

40 years of relevant experience.

Jwalin Gandhi

Jwalin B. Gandhi (Director)

“Forward-looking” is the word that perfectly describes Mr. Jwalin Gandhi. As an experienced business man and Director of the company, he is known specifically for his fresh and professional approach towards his work. He has been the key factor in taking AVH Polychem group to the next level with his advance thinking fuelled by a fierce dedication.

Educational Qualification – B.E. in Polymers Engineering

18 years of relevant experience.

Rutvij Gandhi

Rutvij B. Gandhi (Director)

Young and energetic, being from an engineering background. Mr. Rutvij Gandhi acts as the Director of the record company, AVH Polychem and he is working from a very early age; Mr. Rutvij Gandhi has been exposed to the business world at a very raw level, making him keener to the practical aspects of trading and sales.

Educational Qualification – M.S. (Industrial Engineering), Clemson, SC, USA B.E. in Production Engineering

11 years of relevant experience.