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CSR Policy


At AVH, we have created a space in the society not just as a leading Polymer Trading Group, but also as an organization that ‘cares’ for the community. Our CSR initiatives reinforce us as a socially-responsible and value-based organisation, committed to making the world a better place to live in.

Our Initiatives : 


AVH has been contributing in a small way to and is associated with Sarvoday Parivar Trust, Pindval, Taluka Dharampur, District Valsad, Gujarat.

This 50 years old Trust, founded under Auspices of & Blessings from Sant Vinoba Bhave provides free basic primary education with food, clothing, medical treatment and accommodation to about 500 Aadivasi (tribal) malnourished children from about 125 backward, poor villages located on eastern hilly terrain on boarder of Gujarat & Maharashtra.

Intellectually Differently-able Children:

AVH has aided Siddhi Medical foundation which focuses on children with  Special needs, with an aim of empowering their lives and an understanding that regular physical fitness is linked with improved  cognitive, physical, and emotional ability.